Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Night Wrap-Up: Music Edition -- Dr. Dre & Kim Kardashian

One thing for certain, producer, Dr. Dre, doesn't come up short when it comes to people trying to get his attention.
As of late, a young woman, presumably actor, Michael Ealy's sister, is claiming to have an extramarital tie to him.
In her claims, he is keeping her as a kept woman in addition to being a silent partner in her business ventures with plans of leaving his wife, Nicole, for her. Perhaps this is to debunk the speculation of his being sexually interested in men -- including a Caucasian male model located in Calabasas. 

Reality starlet, Kim Kardashian, has been making the interview rounds. Kardashian's interviews surround her pending nuptials to rap artist, Kanye West, their new home in addition to her image's negative perception. She doesn't understand why people refer to her by demeaning terms let alone just don't like her.
Sadly enough, she doesn't comprehend that her legendary sexual proclivities, media saturation and penchant for having a negative attitude and bigotry have everything to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Not sure Kim has any brain cells.... As for Dr Dre where is this info from. Everything I'm Googling on him lately just talks about Beats by Dre. Must be missing something. -- Catie

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